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-The Life Wheel-
-The Life Wheel-Where To Put Our Attention?
A tool for assessing which aspects of our life are most important, how actualized we feel in each, and where we need to put our attention as a result. (Clients receive blank pdfs and weekly journaling prompts to work with).
-Conscious vs Unconscious-
-Conscious vs Unconscious-How Do We Choose To Live?
A polarized aggregation of core beliefs, daily practices and their resultant emotional states. Good for printing out and placing somewhere that will often remind us of our capacity for awareness and virtue. (Created by Ben Browner)
-Triangles of Empowerment-
-Triangles of Empowerment-From Conflict To Collaboration
A diagram explaining the typically-conflictual roles of family members in the nuclear household, and how to catalyze a shift toward more empowered relationships. We all form bad habits. We just need to know how to break the molds.
-Universal Human Needs-
-Universal Human Needs-What We Require To Feel OK
A list of what we all yearn for beneath the surface. A compendium of what’s necessary for human wellbeing. A foundation of physical, emotional and social fulfillment without which we cannot be expected to thrive or “succeed” in any fashion.
-Feelings Inventory #1-
-Feelings Inventory #1-Feelings When Needs Are Met
A list of “positive” emotions we experience when our Universal Human Needs are met. Feeling engaged, grateful, confident and excited is not a by-product of some magic algorithm. We can meet needs for ourselves and others that foster this.
-Feelings Inventory #2-
-Feelings Inventory #2-Feelings When Needs Aren't Met
A list of “negative” emotions we experience when our Universal Human Needs are not met. Feeling anxious, disconnected, sad or angry is not a by-product of some magic algorithm. Our needs not being met directly fosters this, and you can shift it.
-My Morning Routine-
-My Morning Routine-A Buffet of Healthy Options
A smorgasborg of enlivening ways to start the day! Pick and choose what works for you and experiment with it! Notice how your days shift as a result. (Clients receive blank pdfs to make their own lists from). Created by Ben Browner.
-Core Practices-
-Core Practices-What Makes You Come Alive?
An evolving catalog of activities that we absolutely love, that fulfill overlapping personal needs, and make us grateful to be alive and breathing. (Clients receive blank pdfs to make their own lists from). Created by Ben Browner.


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- Expressing Our Joy -
- Expressing Our Joy - Frameworks | Playlists | Practices
- How To Work With Anger -
- How To Work With Anger -Frameworks | Playlists | Practices
- Experimenting With Fear -
- Experimenting With Fear -Frameworks | Practice | Processes
- Overcoming Tech Addiction -
- Overcoming Tech Addiction - Frameworks | Apps | Practices
- Important Health / Sleep Habits -
- Important Health / Sleep Habits -Frameworks | Apps | Practices
- Productivity 101 -
- Productivity 101 -Frameworks | Apps | Practices

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