Could a young man in your life use a little mentorship toward greater fulfillment?

Is he ready to catalyze deep lasting change in himself?

(Or perhaps you want this for your self!?)

My name is Ben Browner.

I help young men (and others) to recognize their behavioral patterns, understand their worldviews, get in touch with their emotions, assess what progress looks like, then ACT on it.

Modern families must navigate life’s challenges without the robust support once provided by village life. Mentors, positive role models, and rites of passage are sorely missing. My mission is to offer these time-honored methods of support to you and those you love.

Young men often think of me as a kind of “Uncle” – That cool older guy who isn’t their parent, but who’s still part of the family, who always has their back, who they can come to with vulnerable emotions, and who consistently imparts timely wisdom, inspiring them to reach for their dreams and developmental goals while still enjoying a good life.

I was drowning in an emotional, irrational, and convoluted fallout in the fall of 2019. Ben was a life raft for me in turbulent waters. His ability to step in, understand the core of what was going on, see all sides clearly, and keep me moving forward was a game changer. I am forever grateful for this man’s gifts in negotiation, compassion, and brass tax clarity.

Alex W, 27yo Farmer

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